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Making a Christening / baby crib
Category: Blogs
Posted: 06/06/2011 12:57:00 PM
Views: 3054
Synopsis: The task for this evening was to make a baby in a crib. The tutor demonstrated and then it was all systems go...

Making a Christening / baby crib

We started off with the 4 finger Kit Kat which was put upside down on a board. I hadn't taken a board (only those who had been going since September seemed to know that this was required). We then rolled out sufficient sugarpaste to cover the Kit Kat. Easy peasy. A frill around the edge went on next. Mmh! The thing about frills is that they look dead easy but if you don't get the sugarpaste thin enough it doesn't work too well (and this needs a bit of practice).
In retrospect my first lot was probably too thick because the frill wouldn't really fan out. Also, it depends on your Garret frill cutter. Imagine a tart cutter (very similar to a frill cutter). If you have one where there are a lot of curved edges in the circle then you can't get big frills. Oh! and talking of Garret frill cutters. Some do not have a centre circular piece, in which case you need something like a bottle top to cut out the middle.
Anyway, back to the crib. The frill was put all around the edge (which first was glued with edible glue). The next item was the pillow. You need to think small. I find it difficult to think small, but allowing for a frill the pillow is only a tiny rectangle. The frill around the pillow was done in a contrasting colour - some choose lemon, others lilac. You can make this frill by rolling out a rectangle of sugarpaste and then making frilled edging with a ball tool. You need a baby mould (or failing that a ball of flesh coloured sugarpaste ) for the baby.
We were given a sugarpaste baby and only had to dust its head with a mixture of brown & yellow blossom dust for its hair. Laying the baby's head on the pillow it now needs a coverlet (done in the same colour as the frill of the pillow). Having a cutting tool and an oval cut-out shape made this very easy. You need to cut off some of the top of the oval for the top of the quilt. To make this I rolled out a piece of white suagrpaste and cut to a rectangle (the same size as the top of the coverlet). I then used a leaf/flower shaper tool to mark on a pattern. 
Finishing touches involve decorating the pillow with a stencil or the point of a cocktail stick and adding a pattern to the coverlet, which was down with a cutting wheel and a stencil. When you have made this you can add extra features like a bottle, bib, pair of mittens etc to complete the picture. All the cribs seemed very similar. Not much scope for diversity, but quite a nice touch for a christening or the top of a cake and relatively easy to make.



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