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Cornflour Pouch

Cornflour Pouch
  • Prevents sticky work surfaces
  • Even application
  • Great for sugarcraft
Add a light dusting of cornflour over florist paste and other edible mediums to prevent sticking during modelling!
by Purple Cupcakes
Our price: £2.99
  • Details
    When you sprinkle cornflour on your work surfaces with your hands, it's easy to use too much and dry out your modelling paste!

    This handy cornflour pouch allows you to apply a light and even dusting to your work surface to prevent stickiness. A must have for your cake decorating and sugarcraft supplies.

    Simply dab the pouch on your work surface and you'll be able to make sugar decorations and toppers with ease, without them sticking or cracking from excessive amounts cornflour!
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