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Rich Fruit Cakes

Our rich fruit cakes are packed with fruit that have been soaked in fruit puree and sherry to lock in flavour and keep the cakes deliciously moist! This also means that you will not need to feed the cake with brandy or sherry once you receive them, making them a great time-saving option.

The cakes have an approximate shelf life of 18 months so you can order in plenty of time for your event or special occasion. Fruit cakes are baked to an approximate depth of 2.5 inches and are packed with a special plastic film to help retain the cakes moistness and then in a sturdy box to ensure your cakes arrive in once piece.

To cover your cake we recommend first brushing the whole surface with cooled, boiled apricot glaze and then covering the cake with a layer of marzipan. And once the marzipan has chance to dry slightly cover it with a layer of sugarpaste and smooth to a perfect finish with a Smoother / Polisher tool.

For more in depth details on how to cover a cake visit our How To section which is full of useful advice.

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