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Ready Made Cakes

Our range of ready made sponge and fruit cakes are perfect when you are in a hurry or just don’t fancy baking. Available in a range of sizes to suit your design as well as in a round or square shape. They are ready to decorate in buttercream, ganache or ready to roll icing and have been trimmed to ensure you get a perfectly straight and smooth cake.

They are made using the best quality ingredients and have a lovely moist texture. They also keep very well and can be frozen to extend their shelf life. Available in a light and fluffy Vanilla or Chocolate Genoese flavour.

The square sponge cakes come with 2 pre-cut layers, each measuring 1.25” deep which makes a standard height cake when covered in sugarpaste (ready to roll icing). The round sponge cakes are baked and left as one whole cake which measures 2.5” deep. This gives you lots of flexibility as to whether you leave whole or split into two or three.

The readymade and ready to decorate fruit cakes are moist and rich and made from only the finest ingredients. The fruit in the cake has already been soaked in sherry, to give extra flavour and moistness, so no further feeding will be needed. The fruit cakes are baked at a target depth of 2.5” so make a perfect cake depth once covered in marzipan and iced.

These ready made cakes make an affordable option for making your own wedding or celebration cake and can be stacked very easily, once covered. For more information on how many cakes you will need to feed your guests take a look at our Portion Calculator. And for info on how much sugarpaste / marzipan you will need to cover the cake then take a look at our Sugarpaste / Marzipan Quantities Guide. You can also find further help and resources, such as How to Stack Cakes, in our How To section.

We recommend ordering the cakes to arrive in the week leading up to your event or celebration to ensure you have plenty of time to decorate the cakes, while still keeping the cakes lovely and moist. You can of course freeze and then defrost the cake when you are ready meaning you have total control.