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Wonder Mould & Doll Pick

Wonder Mould & Doll Pick
  • Heat conducting rod supplied
  • Brunette doll pick included
  • Instructions included
This fantastic cake tin set from Wilton will create a 3D shaped dome, great for the base of many different cakes!
by Wilton
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  • Details

    You can let your creative ideas let loose with this great 3D mould pan from Wilton!

    The set includes an 8" aluminium cake pan (5" deep) a heat conducting rod, a baking stand for the pan a brunette doll pick and instructions for some great ideas.

    The pan comes with a heat conducting rod, which will allow even baking throughout the cake, and the baking stand will keep the pan secure whilst in the oven.

    You are also provided with a doll pick with brunette hair to create your very own doll cake! This could be a fairy, a princess, a bride and much more!

    The dome shaped pan can also be used for many other cakes with a dome effect such as the ones shown above.

    Other coloured dolls are also available!

    The instructions included show how to make many different cakes, including which nozzles and icings you will need.

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